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Our Team

Who We Are

Stephen Wood

Stephen is an avid sportsman, enjoying the pursuit of the Whitetail and is extremely knowledgeable to what the deer in our area need and want.

Randy Jones

Randy offers extensive knowledge of Whitetail and Elk, and other big game throughout America and can tell you exactly what you need on your next trip to beat the elements.

Craig Swanner

Craig has always enjoyed the field of fishing and hunting, from grabbling to exceling at catfish tournaments. An avid fisher who can help you around any corner of the way.

Jerry Rogers

A lifelong waterfowl hunter, Jerry knows ducks and how to get them.  From north to south, there aren't many places he hasn't chased ducks.

Keith Edwards

Keith has pursued turkeys all over America and knows almost all of the tricks to get an Old Tom into range.

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